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How Mastermind will help you grow your business

In Network Marketing and Direct Selling, there is a BIG difference between having a great "run" and having a long successful career. That's why one of the primary focuses at this year's event will be on RETENTION: how to keep your customers and distributors longer.

But of course, that's not all. Join us this year, as leaders with combined annual sales of over $5 Billion share their stories and best practices on topics like:

  • Strategies for customer acquisition
  • The most up-to-date Social Media blueprints
  • Emerging trends and how to capitalize on them
  • How to build for and with your family
  • New ways to maximize results vs old ways that hurt results
  • Vital behaviors for developing lines and driving depth
  • Why culture is king and how to create a winning culture
  • Passive income strategies and proven ways to accumulate wealth
  • How to become a better presenter, in person and online
  • Nurturing relationships, increasing influence; conscious coupling
  • Creating new contacts and networking on purpose
  • Specific ways to raise retention levels
  • ...and much, much more!

That's just a fraction of what you will learn with your Virtual Pass!

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Produced in high quality HD, and captured by multiply camera angles — you can be a part of the event, from the moment the host takes the stage. It is a submersion into the actual event experience, as if you're in the room!

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You also get on-demand access for a full month, beginning with the September 1 kickoff. Watch and learn at your own pace — over and over again, wherever you are & whenever you want.

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The speakers

Learn from legends in the Direct Selling and Network Marketing profession along with the best and brightest leaders as they teach you and your team how to grow your business the right way. Here are some of the speakers for this amazing event:

Randy Gage

Sarah Robbins

Chris Brady

Tim Storey

Dr. Tom Barrett

Bob Burg

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Darnell Self

Art Jonak

Wes Linden

Dana Collins

Ørjan Saele

Luca Melloni

Justin Harrison

Erick Gamio

Andi Duli

David & Stacy Whited

Joey Marcelo

Hilde Saele

Eugene Hong

Daniel Song

Jared Maidenberg

Jenifer Furness

Jerry Scribner

Mark Davis

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The event will be captured end-to-end, with multiple cameras, in beautiful HD quality... as if you're in the room.

  • Simulcasts Live in HD on September 1 — 3
  • Full run-of-show, end to end, all presentations, all three days
  • PLUS 30 days of on-demand viewing after the live date


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